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un·rav·el (ŭn-răv’əl) v. un·rav·eled un·rav·el·ing un·rav·els ~ To clarify the elements of something mysterious or baffling

I has been a while since my first post, for which I chose to write about the relatively unfamiliar Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm. Most probably my post would have been read by more people had it been called How I used deep learning to become a successful investor or so… To receive at least some readers, I decided to make the dithering as practically oriented and accessible as possible, which seems to have worked! Viewer stats were far better than predicted, so may be my…

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(statistics == programming)> TRUE

Back in 2019, when I started my Master’s degree in Statistical Science at Leiden University, I had no idea that the above expression would ever possibly evaluate to TRUE . With a background in Educational Sciences, I always felt like I was a real programmer when editing some code in the syntax window of SPSS. Well… nope. In my first semester I enrolled for the course ‘Statistical Computing with R’, in which I learned the fundamentals of statistical programming. The classes turned out to be among the most useful ones I ever attended, in which…


Statistics lover | Likes Python, loves R | Gets happy from peanut butter recipes.

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